On this page are frequently asked questions and answers for the Photo Art by Kevin website. If you have any questions, send them in!


Do the prices of your limited edition prints go up?

Yes. This is a business so we operate under the rules of supply and demand. As the supply decreases and the demand increases, the prices go up. So, for the best deal, it is advantageous to buy early in the print run.

Do you sign and number your prints?

Yes, I do it digitally. When you look at the images on the website you’ll see my logo plus PhotoArtByKevin.com on each image. The logo and domain name will come off your print and I will Digitally Sign and Number each print that is shipped to you. I will also send a Certificate of Authenticity for each print you buy.

How do I know my information is secure?

Notice at the top of the browser, the URL of this website starts with HTTPS (and not HTTP). This means every page of this website uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology so your information is secure. In addition, we do not handle your credit card information. Only our credit card processors, STRIPE and PayPal handle this information and it is heavily encrypted on their websites.

How do I know which print out of your 250 print run I am buying?

On the product page, as you are making a purchase, it will tell you how many prints are left in stock. If you do the math in reverse you will see how far away from #1 your print is.

How much Photoshopping do you do?

Less than one would think. On most of my photo art pieces I do some image editing. Usually this involves taking one photograph and then moving some of the elements around. If you were at the location where I took the original picture, and had a discerning eye, you’d be able to see all of the elements that went into the final photo art piece. What I DON’T DO is I won’t combine elements that were not together at the original scene. So, for instance, I won’t take a bee that was photographed at a different time and place and put it into another photo from a separate time and place. There are also a small number of photos on my website where all elements are original and I mark these products “straight out of camera.”

I have a return, so what do I do?

Please email me first through this website. Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

What kind of camera equipment and software do you use?

As a rule, I don’t give out exact information on this. In general, however, I use Nikon camera equipment and the standard digital imaging software.

What technology do you use to make the prints?

We use a combination of high end, excellent quality Canon, Epson and HP printers. In regard to papers, we use professional grade, thick (235 gram), 100 year archival quality photo paper and premium grade, even heavier (300 gram), and with a higher gamut range. All prints are borderless. If you choose foam board mounting, your print will be professionally and permanently mounted to ½” thick foam core board. Ready for framing. For larger the larger photo art I offer professional mounting on 1/4″ acrylic sheets. This gives the print a modern, frameless look ready for hanging on your wall.

Where do you ship to – worldwide?

I wish I could ship universe-wide! Unfortunately, at this point in time, I’m only able to ship the limited edition prints to the 50 U. S. states (stay tuned as this may change).

Where do you take the photos for your art?

All over actually, but my main focus is California since this is my home and the state is filled with so much naturally beauty that I’d have to be a fool not to photograph here. As a policy, I don’t give out exact locations, just city + state.

Why don’t you offer standard print sizes for all of your images?

Since my limited edition prints will most likely end up as “wall art” I do my best to offer standard sizes. There are a few exceptions, however, which cannot be avoided (and these are marked as such). I’ve engaged in photography for the past 40 years and digital imaging for the past 30 years and both photography equipment and software has changed drastically. It is my highest endeavor to offer the most exceptional image possible.

Will the print look the same as what is on my monitor?

I do my best to setup the color management on my end with my monitor and printer but I can’t guarantee that what you see is what you get on your end. I guess you’ll just have to trust my judgement that you’ll be getting a fine quality print.

Will the “PhotoArtByKevin.com” text be on the print that I buy?

No, this will come off when you buy a print. I use this on my lower resolution photos for promotion on my website and around the web including social media. Your print will be digitally signed and numbered by me and it will be smaller and less conspicuous than the PhotoArtByKevin.com logo.